Enocta ( is an SME mainly focusing on design, development, distribution and promotion of custom or generic e-learning contents for institutional and individual use; design and development of learning management system software for e-learning contents, including their installation and support services. Enocta has two branch offices in Istanbul (headquarters) and Ankara including 91 professionals participating in Content Development Team (48 professionals), R&D Team (24 professionals), Sales & Admin Team (19 professionals).” Up to now, Enocta, having a profile in Brandon-Hall Custom Content Developers Knowledge Base 2012, has developed more than 1.000 custom e-learning contents to its 235 corporate customers from different sectors including telecommunications, banking/finance, insurance, government, retail, higher education, pharmaceuticals, food … etc. As a result of this, Enocta e-learning contents have reached more than 1 million corporate users all around Turkey.



TBV ( was founded in 1995 in Turkey. It is an ICT foundation which has 114 corporate and 178 personal members. TBV’s first aims are to contribute to establish the necessary infrastructure needed for Turkey’s transformation into an information society and to organize economical and social activities like scientific research and development activities, developing projects and ensuring their execution in order to increase the share of ICT sector in the overall economy. Aiming at “a Turkey that is transformed to information society”, TBV, continuously it works for accelerating the process of transforming Turkey into an information society. TBV continues informing and making all the sections of the public conscious for disseminating the ICT culture to everyone, for increasing the computer literacy, and for providing the necessary infrastructure for information to be freely moved and shared.



Okan University (, one of the youngest universities of Turkey,was founded by Okan Culture, Education, and Sports Foundation in 1999 and began its academic life in 2003-2004.Okan University is a dynamic University with over 7,000 students at present.It offers 52 undergraduate, 26 graduate and 3 PhD programmes,within 5 Faculties,2 Graduate Institutes and Schools of Applied Sciences and HealthSciences. Okan University also has a Vocational School that offers two-year, associate degree programmes in various professional fields.Okan University has emphasized university-business cooperation since its establishment..Okan University also attaches importance to e-learning.To improve e-learning techniques many workshops are organised focusing on world wide e-learning standards and e-learning concepts.Recent developments in the use of mobile technologies for education are being adopted widely in education programmes,with many courses supported by mobile course content.



CFL (Centre for Flexible Learning),, is the centre for all types of adult, VET and distance education in the municipality of Söderhamn, a coastal city in the rural northern part of Sweden. CFL has about 60 full time staff and 900 students in part- or fulltime studies on various levels, from basic education up to higher VET and university level. CFL is a member of the Hälsingeutbildning, a distance learning network, CFL has coordinated many local and regional projects, both EU (Socrates, Leonardo) and domestic. CFL is one of life adult learning centres that has been selected as “best practices” in Europe by a study 2006 initiated by the European commission (DG Education and culture). CFL is the national centre for UNESCO/UNEVOC in Sweden.



Sapienza Innovazione ( is a public-private consortium created in 2006 with the purpose of promoting the links between universities, public and private research centres, trade associations and entrepreneurs. Sapienza Innovazione supports the integration and the marketing of knowledge and inventions generated by scientific activities of the University with a high potential for innovation and commercial use. Sapienza Innovazione settled a system of Promoters of high tech businesses, able to enhance the exploitation of the potential of the research of the Sapienza University and to create and support high tech enterprise initiatives. In order to implement the projects, Sapienza Innovazione has created a consultant office – COVIN – and a series of laboratories –“joint labs”– acting as connection points between basic research and the production context, facilitating the technological transfer and contributing to the creation of enterprises and their positive development.



The Refile ( is an IT & Web services SME created to provide comprehensive support to companies and professional firms that use computer tools for its activities. These services range from consulting to hardware and software troubleshooting, purchase of web space with mail, certified mail and domain management, creation of Web sites and data entry. The networking service is about analysis, configuration, implementation, and maintenance of server-client networks based on Microsoft operating systems. The computer assistance range from consulting to on-line and on-site intervention. It offers also Web Designing services related to designing, building and publishing online Web sites developed with the Joomla software in PHP. Refile provides its services at local, regional and national levels, counting on distance working facilities.



TREBAG ( was established in 1989 as an SME and adult education provider operating the Wellbeing Living Lab since 2010. The Wellbeing Living Lab is about real-life involvement of users in co-creation of services and future products. TREBAG is devoted to open innovation methods in research and development consultancy, and is working with large companies such as SUZUKI, MALÉV Hungarian Airlines, Invitel among others and SMEs. They are constantly developing ICT enhanced solutions, such as founding the project idea and writing the proposal of OpenInn KA3 ICT MP, Trebag was promoter of the Leonardo-project that won a prize on the eFestival in Hungary in 2005 and the European Seal of Excellence in Multimedia prize on the CEBIT in 2006. As an adult education provider Trebag holds trainings on career management in English for a target group of 20 – 35 years old, trainings with a psychological background on stress-management and self-knowledge, as well as promoting health and active aging program.