INTOUCH-ICT: “ICT Professionals in Touch: New non-routine skills via mobile game-based learning”

INTOUCH-ICT (ICT Professionals in Touch: New non-routine skills via mobile game-based learning) is a Leonardo Da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation Project which has been funded by the European Commission grant within the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) executed by Republic of Turkey Ministry for EU Affairs, Center for European Union Education and Youth Programmes (Turkish National Agency The project is a 2-years project which started on the 1st of November, 2013 and it will end on the 31st of October, 2015.

The Project aims to create an innovative approach to enable ICT SMEs’ business professionals to develop their important “non-routine” skills with m-Learning. The three essential project objectives are; (1) to define the key skills needed of the ICT SMEs’ business professionals in TR and in other EU countries, (2) to increase the cooperative learning among Turkish SMEs and between Turkish SMEs and the other European SMEs in the ICT industry and (3) to promote and disseminate the innovative approaches and tools of mobile learning within Turkish SMEs and the other European SMEs.

Business Professionals working in ICT SMEs will upgrade their non-routine transversal skills and will be put in contact with other employees in the field for sharing experiences and best practices. ICT SME will be motivated to transform their own workplaces into learn conductive environments, and to promote Informal and Individual learning taking place, thus increasing their competitive value. Trainers will be able to effectively empower transversal key competencies via the intensive use of m-Learning, to create open mobile didactical environments, and to promote change within individual ICT SME client environments. ICT NGOs will be provided with relevant knowledge and material to integrate changes in their own educational offers.

In the transition to the information society the ICT jobs in Europe are unfilled now and there is a decline in competitiveness. The number of new skilled ICT workers is shrinking in this changing and constantly evolving environment. ICT professionals have to develop skills in marketing or management; service workers have to develop customer orientation skills (non-routine tasks) ICT SMEs’ business professionals demand different traits such as problem solving, self-management and communication where they have not appropriate time to improve themselves in non-routine skills and SMEs can’t spend too much money for the company training courses. m-Learning serves to decrease costs, while increasing the learning quality and institutional development.

Project Coordinator:

Enocta, TR

Project Partners:

Turkish Informatics Foundation (TBV), TR

OKAN University, TR

Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL), SV

Sapienza Innovazione, IT


TREBAG (Property and Projectmanagement Ltd), HU